Friday, August 14, 2009

volunteer is not a bad word

I have the honor of volunteering at one of the best churches in the world. Everything we do is first class and our youth program is second to none. We have some of the best volunteers in the world. Men and women who will stop at nothing to help spread God's love to our community.

And yet, there are still those who don't get it. People who think they aren't in "real" ministry because the church doesn't cut them a check. And even some who work for the church, but in a "non-ministry" role. These people have been misled.

First of all, if we all worked at the church, who would pay us? The church needs talented men and women to go out and make money. We have to pay for the lights to come on, the sound system, the toilet paper (can you imagine a church with no toilet paper?)

Second, we would all have no experience in the real world. We would all live in this giant bubble of ministers. How would we relate to anyone if we ran across someone who didn't work at our church?

My point is this. We were all called to be a part of something greater than any one of us. Yes God called you to that church and wants you to grow in your position of leadership as you grow in Him. But not all roads lead to a job. They shouldn't. You should worry less about getting noticed by someone who could hire you and worry about the people God called you there to reach. Jesus said when we did these things "for the least of my brethren" you've done it unto me. Jesus wants us to see him in the outcasts, not the squeaky clean shiny happy christian people.

(Personal rant time) The Pastor will notice you more if you stop inviting him to Sunday dinner and instead look around the church to see if theres some trash that needs picked up, or a floor that needs swept or a maybe a rogue four year old who's wandered to the edge of the parking lot and is thinking about playing in the street. 1. The pastor really wants to go spend some time with his family. 2. If you do those things, you'll save the church from paying someone else to do it and from a lawsuit with an angry truck driver and a dead squirrels bitter son.

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